If you are looking for a cable crimper

Create your own Cat5 Patch leads for speeds of 1Gb/s

Minimum you will need is a need a crimper some “Stranded” wire and RJ45 connectors for stranded cable. Or you could use a new style connector for both solid and stranded.

Stranded cable is used for short length under 5mtrs and the cable inside your platic coating is fine stands of copper all spun together, if you bend tha cable it will try to  bend back.

Solid cable is use for long lengths and is usually used inside the walls and roofs going from the wall outlet to the network rack. Solid cables will hold there shape if bent. And the cable inside the plastic is solid.

If you are looking for a cable crimper for cat 5 and cat 6 network cable using UTP cables you should look out for the following:

Choose a ratchet crimper, as they are set to squeeze the correct pressure each time. You don’t want these small gold pins pushing too far in or not in enough.

Ratchet tools usually have a bar going diagonally inside the handle if the crimp the connecter to the side. Just keep in mind they may need adjusting when you first get it. depending on the cable and connector being used. Ie each brand of connector behaves differently

Also if you are going to use the tool a lot eg weekly then go for a tool that was made by a long established company in this field. Eg Fluke, Paladin

B000099O69  Paladin – Smooth Quality Precision

B008F533EC  – RJ45 Connectors – Use on both Solid and Stranded cables

B000X4PSUA – An Awesome wire stripper use it o all types of wire

B00KGUMYD0 – Great cheap all in one pack


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